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    Who We Are

    Whitestoneʼs Black Tie Division specializes in storytelling in the advertising world. We understand that it is difficult to stand out in a competitive market and that it is crucial to express what makes you unique and different.

    Through the disciplines of filmmaking and storytelling, Whitestoneʼs Black Tie Division offers a cutting edge insight into telling your unique story.

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    What We Do

    Whitestoneʼs Black Tie Division offers a wide range of creative branding in order to fully communicate the bigger story. From creative consulting and branding all the way through to execution and implementation, we can offer the best storytelling process from beginning to end. Our strongest asset is the power of filmmaking. Today in a media saturated world, it is critical to speak in the grammar of the culture, using visual media and filmmaking.

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    How We Do It

    First and foremost, we listen. We listen to you tell your story, and from there, we begin to weave ideas and creativity to leverage your unique fingerprint. We begin with concepts and brands, and take them from there to logos and identity. We then support this with film and media for advertisement and branding purposes. And finally we ideate and create all of this content in many different formats, including the most cutting edge digital technology, allowing your product to be seen digitally and online.

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